CP-Pro CAD for Scaffold Planning: Precision in 3D

Scaffold planning made easy: Go on a digital journey with CP-Pro CAD and examine a scaffold from every conceivable angle. With this software you can not only draft a scaffold, show it in 3D and examine its components from every perspective, you can also make a materials list and plan partial installations.

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The Ideal Software for Scaffold Planners

With CP-Pro CAD you can easily and clearly show your client the scaffold as it will appear on the building facade, and call your staff’s attention to important elements in its construction. Clever assistance functions let you easily expand the design after the draft is complete.
The intelligent snap-to function lets you place components only where it is technically possible to attach them, so that you can position individual elements in the design right in the 3D model. All of this makes CP-Pro CAD the perfect scaffold planning software for any scaffolding company.

Perfect Scaffold Planning

Functionality: With CP-Pro CAD you can make building contours right in 3D and show the construction options on multiple levels thanks to clear and uncomplicated layer functions. A handy comment function lets you explain drafts better and more practically.

Simplification: CP-Pro CAD automatically makes a setup suggestion on the building walls, rectifies photos and projects them onto building surfaces. Free dimensioning lets you portray any dimension.

Flexibility: The wide variety of assistance functions of CP-Pro CAD help you design a scaffold and place individual parts in 3D with the intelligent snap-to function. You can print your drafts in 2D or 3D views. CP-Pro CAD draws up the materials list and determines the materials needed for partial installations and partial dismantling. Materials requirements can easily be transferred to other stockage software.

Knowledge: CP-Pro CAD’s integrated component library has information on all important German scaffolding manufacturers. In customizable library, you can access information on specific component groups and incorporate this information in your planning. Import of 3D building models, such as those captured by a drone, is also possible.

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