Our Values – The Basis of What We Do

Our values are important to us:

We formulated and defined them in a team workshop. They determine how we work together and with customers. We live our values!


We are very thankful for the trust placed in us, and we never want to lose it. So we always give our best.


Our word is our bond. We meet deadlines and stay within defined budgets. If you want to talk to us about something, we’re ready to listen. We have an open door.


We’re honest and admit it when we make a mistake, or if we fail to meet our own standards of quality and punctuality.


We know that we have a great responsibility to our customers, employees, and vendors. We take this responsibility seriously and don’t act thoughtlessly.


We demand high quality from ourselves, and our collected expertise enables us to deliver it. We also continue to build on and improve our capabilities and expertise.


We see customers, employees, and vendors as partners who are to be appreciated. So we communicate with our customers frequently and openly, and involve them in the development process.


Our interactions are characterized by friendliness. With us, you’re not a number: You’re a person we care about. We want projects to be fun, and laughter is encouraged!


In the partnerships with our customers, vendors, and employees, we always want to express our appreciation for each individual. We want them to sense this when we communicate with them.


Enthusiasm generates good ideas and real expertise. We’re excited about our projects. They’re fun, and they motivate us. Our biggest success is when our customers are excited.


Everything is easier when you have a positive attitude. We’re optimists and approach projects with confidence and positive expectations. Success shows that we’re right.


CP-Pro has been around for over 25 years. You can be sure that we’ll be around for our customers in the future as well. Our promises are just as reliable.


We’re not revolutionaries. We believe that existing things have their value, so in our analyses we look at what works, as well as what doesn’t. From this basis we develop new solutions to arrive at the ideal result.

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