Data Protection Rules of Conduct

While data processing is not our core function, we nevertheless frequently come into contact with data of every kind. Most of the software systems we create are data-driven applications. To make systems like this, we need the data they will work with and insights into your business processes. Ideally your employees will be involved in the creation of the software.

For this reason, we’d like to explain how we treat your data. If something isn’t clear, contact us. You can reach our Data Protection Officer, Daniela Rausch, at datenschutz[at]

Data Security

How We Protect Your Data

1. Collection of
Personal Data

  • We use personal data only to the extent necessary and in accordance with the GDPR
  • We will inform you before we collect personal data, either directly or through third parties
  • We ask permission

2. Storage of
Personal Data

  • We store personal data only when necessary to fulfill a contract and for pre-contractual obligations
  • Otherwise we store data only if required by law
  • We protect data by encryption, authenticated access, or anonymization
  • We keep data updated

3. Use of
Personal Data

  • We examine whether the use of data is in accordance with applicable law
  • We use data only when we have permission, and only for the purpose for which we have permission
  • We don’t share data with third parties

4. Deletion of
Personal Data

  • We delete data as soon as we no longer need it for the purpose it was gathered for
  • We observe the limitations on how long data can be retained
  • We delete the data on all of our systems
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